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Price: PHP 2,250.00
Wanna experience something different while in Cebu? Take the Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel for an extreme, mind-boggling and fun experience you’ll surely enjoy and treasure.  ATTENTI… Read More
Price: PHP 0.00
Come and explore the wonders of the “Queen City of the South”. Take the Cebu City Tour and have a great time visiting the City’s historical and cultural attractions namely Fort San P… Read More
Price: PHP 0.00
Have a great time visiting some of the well-known attractions of Mactan Island specifically Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Shell Craft Store and Alegre Factory by taking this three-hour Mactan Island Tour that wil… Read More
Price: PHP 3,200.00
Come and visit Cebu, one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations, frequented by tourists all year-round because of its fascinating beauty and history. Take the Twin City Tour (a combination… Read More
Price: PHP 0.00
If you want to experience Cebu White Sand Resort or other related resorts in Mactan Island, then take the Beach Tour with lunch that is good for 5 hours. Enjoy the roundtrip transportation (hotel-reso… Read More
Price: PHP 5,350.00
Experience a perfect getaway with your family and friends as we visit the fascinating Island of Sumilon. You can try the amazing and different activities in this paradise island like kayaking, snorkel… Read More
Price: PHP 3,500.00
Have a delightful dinner with your family and friends as we highly recommend you the "Panoramic Cebu Dinner Tour" at "Tops" located 2,000 ft above sea level on the relaxing and ref… Read More
Price: PHP 0.00
Have a refreshing adventure in Kawasan Falls located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. From the entrance we will experience a trek uphill for about 30 minutes, to get to the first wa… Read More
Price: PHP 2,300.00
Come and join us as we take you for a walk and recognize the popular historic and heritage places in Cebu. We will visit the famous places like Fort San Pedro, next to Magellan's Cross, Cebu Metro… Read More
Price: PHP 2,670.00
Explore and discover the beauty of Cebu that has full of historical and amazing tour attractions! We will visit the popular places in Cebu City like Cebu Provincial Capitol, Heritage of Cebu Monument,… Read More
Price: PHP 2,800.00
Take a break! And have an amazing tour in the cool "Northern Coast Tour" where you can see the very huge sugarcane and coconut plantations, colorful and clean market, and an amazing Church s… Read More
Price: PHP 2,800.00
Come and join us as we visit the amazing world of Ferdinand Magellan in April 1521. This is the place where Magellan planted a cross that represents and symbolizes the Christianity that he claims for … Read More
Price: PHP 3,370.00
Do you love collecting arts and crafts? Come and join us as we visit the famous arts in Cebu that they are glorious of like Avatar Alegre Guitar, Mapple and Pine Classics, Making of Nipa Hut, Amarcas … Read More
Price: PHP 2,600.00
Have an interesting and knowledgeable tour as we visit the several shrines and churches in Cebu. We will take you to the different churches that have been established long time ago.   Basilica Mi… Read More
Price: PHP 3,500.00
Come and join us to experience an exciting trip in Cebu Island Hopping Tour. First, we will ride on a "banca" or the motorized boat from Marbago wharf to the islands of Nalusuan Island and H… Read More
Price: PHP 4,700.00
Explore the captivating Southern part of Cebu! You will experience the very unique adventure in our "Cebu Countryside Tour & Village Experience and Adventure". We will visit the Theotoko… Read More

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