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When tourist visit the Philippines, at some point they may find themselves asking these questions, "should I purchase a tour"? "is the tour going to be worth the money I am paying? "which tour company should we hire"? and we feel these are very worthwhile questions that should be answered. Tourism is vital to the Philippines economy, and therefore needs to be approached with diligence, and provided by professional and competent Philippines travel agencies.

Should I Purchase a Tour package?
YES! You should definetly take a Philippines tour, this is a really beautiful country, there is so much to see and experience, and if you did not take a tour of some kind while visiting the Philippines you would definetly be missing a fantastic experience, meeting new people, seeing new and exciting places and even eating different foods.

Will The Tour Package Be Worth the Money?
In most cases we can say yes to this question, however we have seen some Philippines tour packages being offered that did not list the best tour spots, however this is denfinelty why you should hire and experienced and professional Philippines travel agency that can provide current pictures and video to the tour destination you are inquiring about.

Which Tour Company Should I Hire?
This question becomes one of the most important, with so many websites online today, and each claiming to be the best, with the best rates and so on. So how can you really tell? Due diligence is your best defence, and here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. we do have the years of experience, since 2005 we have been providing Philippine tourist with high quality tours and and travel packages with hundreds of satisfied client reviews.

Why Choose WOW Philippines Tour?

  1. We are Filipino and American owned.
  2. We employ experienced and educated tour guides.
  3. We own our own vehicles, late models, comfortable and cold air-condition.
  4. We are accredited through the Pasig City Travel and Tourism Authority.
  5. We are legally registered with the local DTI and Philippines Security and Exchange Commission.
  6. We provide each client with free bottled water and snacks
  7. Convenient on-line booking for hundreds of tours
  8. Owner managed and operated.
  9. Providing new and updated information monthly.
  10. Guaranteed Best Rates!

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